Hello there and welcome to Rusty Rat Rescue, a small and private rescue located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have owned rats since September 2003, having reasearched them for about a year before owning my first two. It is my goal to educate people more about having rats as pets and maintaining proper care for them in all different areas of quarantine, feeding, housing, and handling. Through many mentors, websites, and books, I have gained knowledge that I hope to pass on to others and use towards someday having my own Rattery, years down the line. Untl then, this website is devoted towards my rescue organization and to also show off my own rats.

January 1, 2008    
  • As of Jaunary 1, 2008 Rusty Rat Rescue is on hiatus. With the passing of my last rat December 31, 2007, I have decided it is time to take a break from rats until the time is once again right. Rusty Rat Rescue will one day open again. Feel free to send me any emails if you have questions about rats or need help as I am always willing to offer it. Thank you to everyone who has adopted from me, mentored me, for these years. I know that someday I will once again hear the bruxing of a rat in my ear :)



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