The FarStar Rattery - Kirstin breeds beautiful rats, especially focusing on minks and pearl Merles. I hope to someday adopt a few rats from her.
Spoiled Ratten Rattery - Elisabeth works very much with many "new" rats from the United Kingdom.
Tekka Maki Rodentry - I have met Danny in person. He is a very knowledgeable young man, devoted to his rats and making the rat species as a whole better for people.
Shadow Brook Rodentry - Amanda has helped me so much with all of my rescues and she works closely with Melina.
Silver Fuzz Rattery - Dayna is a very wonderful breeder and is such a great person to talk to. She breeds gorgeous, healthy rats.


The Ratster
National Fancy Rat Society
Martins Cages Inc - I highly reccommend Martin's cages (powder coated) to anybody who is interested in owning rats. Also, their Wodent Wheels are excellent! - Rats Rule has tons of great information from the recipe for Suebee's Mix and a very handy cage calculator.
RatGuide Health - This is a very helpful guide for all types of health problems your rat might experience.


Rats Rule! - My username is "Claire", it's a wonderful forum that is extremely helpful and friendly!
RatPalace - My username is "Claire11"
Rat Rescue - My username is "Claire"



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