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We have so many different updates for Rusty Rattery - this is where we keep records of our most "important headlines" such as health updates and when litters have been adopted out or we recieve new rats. This helps us, as a rattery, keep track of everything going on.

January 2006
  • 01/12/06: Lily passed away this morning after battling various tumors and old age. First is the best, Lily.

December 2005
  • 12/2/05: I made the decision to have Isis put to sleep today. More information is on the "bridge" page. Rest well my girl.
  • 12/31/05: "Big Petal" passed away this morning. She was one of my greatest and I miss her so much. More information about her is on the "bridge" page.

November 2005
  • 11/2/05: Lily is developing either a tumor or an abcess on her lower right side on her stomach. We are keeping a close eye on it and monitering her before making a decision as to what should be done.

October 2005
  • 10/6/05: Recieved our newest rescue litters in today. Suzy, Sasha, and Moonbeam along with Sasha's litter of 7 babies and Moonbeam's litter of 12.
  • 10/9/05: Suzy, the blue patched rescue rat, passed away this evening after suddenly catching a bad respritory illness that did not allow her to breathe.

September 2005
  • 9/4/05: Charley passed away today after battling some major illnesses for a good four months. Rest well, Charley.

June 2005
  • 6/6/05: All of the rats from the "Illinois Rescues" officially have homes. Etude and Beethoven are the last ones, waiting to arrive at Melina's!

May 2005
  • Lily sprained her tail mid-May and had to be quarantined for about a week and a half until she was no longer in any pain.



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