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This is our official "brag page" at Rusty Rattery. We really pride ourselves in being a very thorough and precise rattery when it comes to rescuing and rehoming rats. Our adopters mean a lot to us and we love getting updates and seeing how our rats are doing. Here is feedback that our adopters have sent back to us about their "Rusty Rats".

Megan - Mother to Joplin and Amadeus
"I adopted Joplin and Amadeus from Claire when they were tiny little guys. Now they have grown into big squishy young men and are still growing. They are some of the best rats I have ever had. She really does a good job at raising them. I even have some rats from a breeder who aren't as sweet and friendly as these two. Joplin is a big momma's boy and shows it during playtime. He always climbs on me and even if his brother tries to join he pushes him off. Amadeus is also a sweety and loves to get kisses, but he's just a little more outgoing and ready to explore. They both are very licky and trouble makers. If I leave them alone during out time for just a second they jump up on places and knock everything over and then give me their famous "we didn't do it" look. They are just really special and Claire truely does a good job with her recuses."

Megan also adopted Sebastian but he suddenly passed away on August 23, 2005. RIP, little guy.

Tara - Mother to A Cappella, Octavia, and Nocturne
"They [A Cappella, Octavia, and Nocturne] are living very happily with three other girls that were also rescues. All six are so friendly and affectionate. They have a huge Martin's cage, but are always all crammed in some small space. A Cappella and Octavia are a bit more outgoing than Nocturne, but Nocturne is in love with my husband. She sits curled up on his neck while he is working on the computer. She won't sit still for me at all, but she will come and climb all over me during free time. A Cappella and Octavia are like two peas in a pod. I can see why they had to be adopted together. They love to groom my hands, but have been very dissapointed that I won't let them remove the bandages I have on one of my fingers (broken finger). Now that the temerature is dropping, we will try taking the girls (one at a time) on walks with us. Some of our previous rats loved riding in my sweatshirt as we walked around the neighborhood.

A Cappella





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