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Welcome to the rescue page - here we have a listing of all of the rats we are currently fostering. If interested in any, please fill out the adoption application located at the bottom of this page. We have provided you with a "quick link" list so you can easily navigate this page.

With each foster, we provide a great amount of care. They are fed Suebee's mix with fruits and vegetables (plus any special diet for sick rats) and are housed in proper caging depending on their situation when they come in to us (special "nurseries" for mothers and their litters, Martin's cages for the other rats). Once the rats are ready for adoption, their picture is posted on this page, along with their gender, coat colors/markings, name, and personality.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have regarding a rat you see on this page or how we work here at Rusty Rattery. If you are interested in seeing more photographs of any of the rats, please ask!

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We currently have no rats available for adoption.

Please click on the pictures of each rat for a larger image.


Cages for Sale
*Please email me with any inquiries about the cages*

Ten (10) gallon aquairum tank with lid
Not sutible for rats
Black border around the bottom is falling off on one side but could be fixed with glue. In good condition otherwise.
Asking $10.00

White and purple wire cage
Not sutible for rats (great cage for mice or other small pets)
In good condition with working wheel, etc
Asking $15.00

Ten (10) gallon aquairum tank with lid and cage topper
Not sutible for rats
In good condition
Asking $20.00

Small bird cage
Not sutible for rats
In good condition
Asking $10.00


  1. All of these rats are rescues. Therefore, they are to go to homes as "pet only". None will be available for breeder homes unless otherwise stated.
  2. Rats must be adopted out in same sex pairs, unless you have other rats at home already.
  3. If you are unable to continue to care for you rat at any time, for any reason, please contact me. I will take the rat back to rehome.
  4. The adoption fee for my rescues is $10 per rat.
  5. You will be required to sign an adoption contract, agreeing to my terms and policies to adopt a rat from me.



Please copy and paste the following adoption application into an email and fill it out completely.

    About You
  • Your Name:
  • Your e-mail address:
  • Your Location (Street, City, State, Zip):
  • Phone Number:
  • Your Age:
  • Do you rent or own your own home?:
  • If you rent or live with your parents, are you allowed to have animals where you live?
  • How long have you lived at your current residence?
  • What other animals do you own (Other than rats):
  • Do you breed any of them? (describe)
  • Do you have any children?
  • If yes, Briefly list their ages and involvement with pets:

    About Your Rats and Their Care
  • How long have you had rats as pets?:
  • How many rats do you have?:
  • What kind of cages/housing do you use?:
  • What kind of bedding do you use?:
  • What do you feed your rats?:
  • Do you have adequate off-site quarantine arrangements for new rats?:
  • How long do you quarantine new rats?:

    (If no to the above off-site quarantine question, explain how you quarantine new rats)

  • Do you seek medical care for your rats?:
  • Do you have a regular veterinarian for your rats?:

    (If you don't have rats yet or you do not have a regular veterinarian, it is highly advised that you find one BEFORE you think you need one!)

    Clinic/Hospital Name:
    Veterinarian's Name:
    Veterinarian's Number:
  • Was there a specific rat (or rats) listed as available that you were interested in? (Describe, and name which litter(s) they are from):
  • If you just want to be on our waiting list, what are you looking for? (Describe in terms of color, temperament, male/female, etc)
  • Will these rats be a pet for Yourself and/or Your Spouse or Your Children?:
  • If you are interested in adopting rats as pets for your child(ren) do you understand that you are solely responsible for their care, not your child(ren):
  • If you are not local (WI/IL/IN area) please explain how you intend to get any rats we offer (If you will drive to get them, ship them, require transport, etc):

    Comments and Questions
  • Is there anything else you'd like to add?
  • How did you find out about us?


If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to email me. Do not use any of the photographs on this page without permission from me. Thank you!



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