Remembering those who have passed...

Name: Willow
Date of Birth: Approx. December 24, 2003
Date of Death: January 16, 2004
Cause of Death: Respiratory (?)
Coloring/Markings: Lynx/Mink? Tri-colored Cap-Stripe markings, normal fur.
From: Pet store (Hoffers)
Comments: Willow was bought on Jaunary 10, 2004 from a pet store. The litter was about only two weeks old and very sick (which was a mistake for me). At the time, I had been taking care of a second litter about the same age of Willow and the mother "adopted" Willow immediately. I thought Willow was getting better but she was found dead in her cage on the morning of Jaunary 16, 2004. I'm assuming the cause of death was respiratory. She will be missed.

Name: Luna
Date of Birth: September 2, 2003
Date of Death: September 19, 2004
Cause of Death: Unknown (choking/'old age' in lines?)
Coloring/Markings: American blue, American Berkshire
From: Pet store (Hoffers)
Comments: Luna was my most energetic girl. She was a huge leaper and one of my best eye bogglers. She was the second rat I ever got - and was a devoted "sister" to Lily. I don't understand what happened to her. A few days before she died, she was acting different and she looked funny to me (fur was puffier, eyes half closed). I was holding her and knew that something was wrong. Last that I saw her, she was happily munching away on her dinner. I found her the next morning. I'm sorry my dear Luna, that I couldn't help you.

Name: Charley
Date of Birth: November 2003
Date of Death: September 4, 2005
Cause of Death: Old age and illness (heart conditions)
Coloring/Markings: Coffee Berkshire
From: Born in California, fostered in Florida, adopted from Jen in Chicago at the rat show
Comments: Charley was an amazing rat to me. On the day that I adopted her, she fell asleep in the crook of my arms and I knew that I had to take her home. She was a huge groomer - as in wanting to groom your eyelashes and everything she could stick her nose at. She adored running around and teasing you and then suddenly coming up to your neck and falling asleep with you. Charley was the life of the party and spiced up the girl's cage - always being the first to get at the treat of the day and always coming back for more. In May of 2005, Charley became very ill, very quickly. I hand and syringe fed her, clipped her teeth, and bathed her weekly. On September 3rd, around 11 at night, I picked up Charley and told her that it was time for her to go and that she had been a wonderful rat and that I loved her so much. The next day, around 11 at night I went to check on everyone for the evening and found that Charley had passed away peacefully - almost exactly 24 hours after I talked to her.

Name: Isis
Date of Birth: June 22, 2004
Date of Death: December 2, 2005
Cause of Death: Tumor that infected her urinary system and was moving to her lungs. She was PTS
Coloring/Markings: Capped Agouti Hairless
From: Pet Store (Pet Emporium)
Comments: Oh boy has Isis sent me on such an emotional trip. When I first got her, she was so afraid and did not like being held (I think that part of it was because she was hairless and would get over stimulated). I had it in my mind that Isis would be more of a "look at her" pet, just because of how little she liked being held. When I got Minuet and Crescendo, though, suddenly Isis came out of her shell and became such a social little girl. Minuet and Crescendo stayed small, like Isis, and I think that Isis was happy to have some girls her own size in the cage. The Wodent Wheel was one of Isis' favorite things to run on. She became sick so, so quickly. Within two weeks it was just unbearable to see her suffer. I took her to the vet and she could've been put on meds - that would've helped her anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, honestly it was unknown and would have been selfish of me to have her continue living. But making the decision to have a pet put to sleep. I hope that Isis is no longer in any pain, and that I did indeed make the right decision for her. Rest well, my girl <3

Name: Petal (aka "Big Petal")
Date of Birth: December 20, 2003
Date of Death: December 31, 2005
Cause of Death: Old age
Coloring/Markings: Velveteen beige berkshire dumbo
From: Rescued from a girl at school (parents from local pet stores), born here
Comments: Big Petal was the greatest rat. She was everything you could ever ask for in a rat and one hundred times more. I have known her since she was a mere few minutes old and was the first rescue litter born at the house. She was from my first experience with baby rats and raising young ones - she was the one who started it all for me! I wasn't actually going to keep Petal - instead her hooded sister. But my mom loved her and her face. She was also the only rex female in the litter. I kept her and have never once regretted it.

Name: Lily
Date of Birth: Approx. August 20, 2003
Date of Death: January 12, 2006
Cause of Death: Two tumors and old age
Coloring/Markings: Beige and white blazed, banded, odd eyed, dumbo, velveteen
From: Pet Store (Gary's Pet Jungle)
Comments: Lily was my very first rat. I wanted so desperately to have a really amazing first rat and after traveling to many pet stores, came across Lily in a tiny 20 gallon aquarium buried under about three layers of adult rats. She had just arrived that morning and when the "schoolbell" rang above their cage every time someone opened the front door, and Lily almost flew into my shirt sleeve, I said that I was taking her home and that was that. Lily was amazing. She got along with every single rat that I ever got. She was the "nurse" in my cage - would take care of, feed, clean, and lay with her "sisters" that passed on the past few months before. She would protect the newcomers, form a bond with them, and make sure that they were never picked on and could merge well with the clan. She was not only my first, but oldest living rat. She watched Luna, Charley, Isis, and then Petal go. And once Petal passed away - Lily didn't have any sisters left. I talked to her throughout December, telling her she could go. And she wouldn't. She had to stay and take care of Petal when Petal suddenly grew ill and passed away within a week after her two-year birthday. Yesterday afternoon, after I moved her to a one level cage because she had fallen off of the Martins, I told her she could go. All of her sisters were waiting and she had been a wonderful first rat. She passed away this morning to be reunited again with all of her sisters. Lily was so healthy throughout her entire life - never did she catch colds. Once she sprained her tail but soon recovered from it. It was only this past November that a tumor started growing on her, and then another began to form in late December. But, with them or not, she was always there for the other rats in the cage and only really seemed to care about them. Thank you Lily, for being such a wonderful girl. First is the best. I miss you.



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